Our API for agriculture or other applications is simple, clear and free. We also offer higher levels of support for customers. Please contact us in order to discuss a paid plan option. The API can be accessed through your API key.

How to get a API key (APPID) ?

Please sign up and view your profile which shows the API Key and the amount of API calls.

How to use API key in API calls ?

The API Key is part of your call and identifies your application. The examples shows some external calls with the API Key. If you're are signed in to your account, the documentation shows the REST API and describes all functions. You do not need the API key in the documentation section because you're already signed in. This is only necessary for external calls.

Which data can be accessed ?

The API provides elevation data, water needs, solar radiation and various indices for every location worldwide.

Which indices are supported ?

The current API version (31.1.2018) supports NDVI, NDWI, Albedo, LAI, CIR, RGB and Biomass Variance maps.

Which map resolution can be provided ?

The resolution of Sentinel and Landsat is 10 and 15 meters per pixel. We also support our customers with high-resolution imagery (30 cm - 1 meter) if your application requires higher resolutions.

Can I expose my own indices or algorithm ?

Yes, very easily. Please get in touch in order to discuss your application requirements. It is also possible to upload your own drone imagery in order to expose it through the API.

Python Example: Hello OrbitalViews

The communication with the API works for all programming languages. I created a python example which can be cloned from our GIT repository.

All endpoints are documented under "API Documentation" for users with a login. The most important endpoint is "https://api.orbitalviews.eu/api/v1/register_field". It has to be called first in order to register a field. The necessary parameters are:

apikey: Login & check your profile

fieldname: "Test_field"

maptype: "rgb"

startdate: 2017-01-01

enddate: If you skip this, your field will be updated with fresh images in future

polygon: Mark a field with geojson.io and save the correspondig WKT polygon. Copy&paste the wkt string.

The registration takes between 1 minute and 1 hour depending on the defined timespan and current server load. Most endpoints can be accessed with a registered fieldname e.g. "https://api.orbitalviews.eu/api/v1/images/ls/{fieldname}/". This endpoint lists your corresponding field images and can filter your results by clouds or maptype. All images and fields can be also accessed, deleted or downloaded through a GUI in OrbitalViews (FieldBox)
Please get in touch if you need some help with the API functionalities.

Example Calls

curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' --data @polygon.wkt https://api.orbitalviews.eu/api/v1/images/getWaterMap/?apikey={APIKEY}&field_name=test

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' https://api.orbitalviews.eu/api/v1/image/{name}/?apikey={APIKEY}