Precise water needs and satellite data backed by Machine Learning and Cloud-Technology

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Water Needs

Integrate precise predictions of crop water requirements with unprecedented spatial resolution. The service was verified in cooperation with farmers and enables an efficient water and irrigation management. It is based on satellite data and hyperlocal weather information, necessary to quantifiy environmental effects on plants.


Connect, manage and track your satellite and weather data. Our REST API can be easily integrated into your application and is based on Google's globally distributed edge points which enable high-performance content delivery to users. Access easily Landsat, Sentinel, Modis data or upload your Drone data.


Backend-as-a-Service enables start-up's to create applications without the hassle of designing, building, and maintaining a custom backend technology stack. Focus on your App implementation and customer needs. If you have any special requirements please get in touch. The Backend can be easily extended by new features or your own indices.

Upload your Drone images and stream it highly optimized for any device or website. Real-time video and image manipulation with high web performance.

Connect your hardware with various environmental information.